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· Wolfgang Genthe from LAR Corporation of Germany Gives an Academic Lecture in CUIT 2017/09/29 
· Opening Ceremony for 2017 International Students Successfully Held in CUIT 2017/09/27 
· He Jianxin Attends the 10th CDIO Forum at SP and Signs Cooperation Memorandum 2017/09/22 
· President of HTW SAAR visits CUIT with his delegation 2017/09/21 
· CUIT Delegation Completes the Summer Training Program of Building Double First-rate Information Major 2017/09/07 

· The Opening Ceremony of 2017 Summer School of CUIT 2017/07/17 
· Dr. Eric Yipeng Liu from University of Birmingham attends CUIT Management Forum 2017/07/11 
· Professor Chandra from Colorado State University Visits CUIT 2017/07/08 
· Research Scholar Lu Lixin of CSU Visits CUIT for Academic Exchange 2017/07/05 
· Our 2016 Tibet adult higher education correspondence classes in Lhasa 2016/07/12 
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