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Introduction of the College

About CUIT

Chengdu University of Information Technology (CUIT) was established in 1951 and used to be the Meteorological Training Brigade for Southwest Air Force of People Liberation Army. It was renamed Chengdu School of Meteorology in 1956 and Chengdu Institute of Meteorology in 1978 under the direct administration of China Meteorological Bureau.

Since transferred to the direct administration of Sichuan People’s Government and renamed Chengdu University of Information Technology in 2000, CUIT has developed at breathtaking pace into a comprehensive university. At present, the university has 17 departments in two campuses (Airport Campus and Longquan campus) with 1161 faculties in science, engineering, environment, economics, management, humanities and art. The University has now over 19,000 students in 53 undergraduate programs and 38 graduate programs.

In 2008, inspired by the ideas of engineering education of CDIO, CUIT initiated an in-depth overall educational reform with a focus on disciplines construction and became a pioneer of engineering education reform among Chinese colleges and universities.

As the leading university in the research and technological application of the interdisciplinary integration of atmospheric science and electronic information technology, CUIT has cultivated tens of thousands of talents for China’s meteorological industry. In recent years, the university has been closely keeping pace with great era of IT development and offered human resource and technology support for the electronic information industry in western China. The university has been also an important base for personnel training and scientific innovation serving statistics industry of western China.

In the new era, CUIT is dedicated to professional talents cultivation and scientific research to uphold the industries and the local economy. The university is advancing towards a characteristically superior and open-minded university of information technology.


About CUIT to Institute of education

Chengdu University of information technology to Institute of education as part of the Chengdu University of information technology of adult higher education, self-study examination of higher education and continuing education and training of the teaching authority, under the guiding ideology of school running, adhere to the education policy of the party, insist on do the people's satisfaction of Education, has opened in adult higher education, self-study examination of higher education and training for many years, has always attached importance to the quality of education and teaching, personnel training quality steadily improve, the graduates obtain bachelor's degree and obtain the number of graduate students is increasing year by year. In December 2013, the school was approved as the professional and technical personnel of Sichuan province to continue education base. Adult higher education is one part of Chengdu University of information technology academic higher education, held various forms of high school is the starting point for Rose Specialist (referred to as high), high school is the starting point for undergraduate (referred to as high as the), college or starting point for undergraduate (upgraded) of adult higher diploma education, professional set up the coverage, science, management, by, culture, law, art and other disciplines, facing the national enrollment, qualified graduates to obtain a series of national education, college graduate certificate, the national Ministry of education electronic registration. Undergraduate course graduates in accordance with the conditions of the degree can also be obtained "Bachelor's degree certificate".

Chengdu Information technology University, School of continuing education is currently in the aviation port campus, Qingyang campus. The campus teaching facilities are complete, the environment is neat and beautiful, the transportation is convenient, has the strong cultural atmosphere. Campus wireless audio broadcasting system, TV access, optical fiber, 1000Mbps fiber network and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories, teaching staff housing and student apartments are connected, forming a network of teaching, learning, working and living environment; student apartments have the direct dial telephone, the opening of the campus network interface, with a drinking water machine, water heater, each with independent learning space; school also has a stadium, swimming pools and sports facilities, culture and entertainment center, student cafeteria and other hardware facilities, for students learning, growth and create a good service environment.

College attaches great importance to the construction of teaching staff, with a strong sense of responsibility of the backbone of the school teachers, reasonable structure, high teaching level. College is also equipped with a serious and responsible, to student learning and life care prepared the full-time teacher and management team, the sound the party and Youth League organizations, students and various extracurricular activities group and association, in the full assurance of teaching quality based, to meet the students' learning and life, healthy growth.

College to Scientific Outlook on Development as the lead, adhere to the quality of the core to improve the quality of the development of the road. With students as the center, and actively promote the reform of education and teaching, to build higher education overpass, and strive to improve the educational quality, and pay attention to the cultivation of students ability of practice and innovation, to improve the comprehensive quality of students, promote all-round development of students. After many years of efforts, for the country to cultivate a large number of science and technology, management, service positions of the application of high-quality personnel, graduate students by the employing units widely praised.

In order to meet the candidates around the desire to learn, continue to education college except in the airport campus and Qingyang campus of correspondence and amateur education, but also actively promote the open cooperation in running schools to the needs of industry and social economic development oriented, in the country set up fourteen correspondence Station, 15 joint school teaching Department was established in Sichuan Province. Correspondence Station, teaching students of the admission, enrollment management, graduation certificate issued by our hospital unified, the implementation of our school's teaching plan, teaching syllabus, the use of the unified textbook version of our hospital. Candidates across the country can according to their own learning, work, living arrangements, choose to my college campus, teaching, correspondence Station to learn.

Chengdu University of information technology to education under the leadership of the school Party committee and administrative, and implement the party's education policy, take the initiative to adapt to the requirements of the national economic and social development, and actively promote the adult higher education and to the development of education, to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of education, continue to for the construction of a learning society and the realization of the harmonious society and civilization progress and economic development to make its due contribution.

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